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Customer Service Center Closed and Projects Postponed

December 3, 2020
LTD will continue to keep its Customer Service Center closed until December 17, and will continue the postponement of two key projects until further notice due to the state of Oregon restrictions placed on work and social gatherings because of COVID-19.

LTD’s Customer Service Center representatives will be available by phone only to answer passengers’ questions Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Customer Service Representatives can be contacted at 541-687-5555 (1-800-248-3861 or 7-1-1 TTY) with questions about LTD service.

Passengers are encouraged to ride the bus for essential trips only, such as medical appointments, grocery shopping, and other activities. LTD reminds passengers that it has taken a health-first approach to limit bus operator and passenger exposure to COVID-19. A list of the precautionary measures the District is taking to limit passengers' exposure to COVID-19 can be found at LTD.org/covid-19.

In addition, LTD will continue the postponement of work on the Transit Tomorrow and the City of Eugene’s MovingAhead projects. Both projects have been on hold at the direction of the LTD Board of Directors since Spring.

“At the LTD Board’s direction,Transit Tomorrow is postponed until further notice. MovingAhead is a joint partnership with the City of Eugene and we will coordinate with city officials before determining to resume this project.” said Aurora Jackson, the District’s General Manager. “For the foreseeable future, LTD will remain focused on keeping our community healthy through this pandemic while providing transportation to those who need to make essential trips.”

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