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LTD On-Board Travel Survey Begins October 14

October 12, 2023

Beginning October 14, LTD will conduct a travel survey on board buses to understand the travel patterns and demographics of riders. The survey period will last approximately three weeks.

LTD will use the survey to observe the purpose of riders’ trips, where they board and get off the bus, and their demographic information.

Throughout the survey period from October 14 until approximately November 2, bus passengers may be given a questionnaire. Passengers will be able to identify authorized surveyors by their high-visibility vests and “Surveyor” name badges with the LTD logo.

Riders should return their questionnaire to the surveyor on the bus. Surveys not completed on the bus can be returned to the next bus operator the rider sees or taken to the Customer Service Centers at Eugene and Springfield Stations. Surveys are available in English and Spanish.

“The LTD Survey is an important data source for the region’s travel patterns and provides statistically valid ridership data,” said LTD Development Planner Jeramy Card. “Later this fall, LTD will host outreach opportunities for the community to provide feedback on needs and gaps within the District’s transit system as part of the LTD System Review.”

The LTD Travel Survey, also known as the Origin & Destination Survey, is performed every four years to satisfy Federal Transit Administration Title VI requirements. Previous surveys were completed in 2015 and 2019, and data can be reviewed online.

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