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LTD and City of Eugene Make Temporary Restrooms Available Downtown

April 6, 2021
LTD has collaborated with the City of Eugene to identify locations near the Eugene Station to place temporary public restrooms for bus passengers.

Shortly after the onset of the pandemic, LTD and other government entities closed its buildings, including access to its indoor restroom facilities, to prioritize public health and safety while also acknowledging its limited staffing and resources. 

“LTD heard from several passengers who expressed concerns about the lack of restroom facilities in the downtown vicinity,” said Tiffany Edwards, LTD Intergovernmental Relations Manager. “LTD is actively working on a long-term solution, but in the interim, LTD and the City of Eugene have partnered to address this immediate need.”

A temporary restroom has been placed at the Eugene Station in the bus bay area near Olive Street. It will only be open during LTD’s Customer Service Center’s business hours. A second ADA temporary restroom and hand washing station is just outside LTD’s Willamette Street bus entrance, on the right-of-way, and will be accessible 24/7. 

LTD and the City of Eugene’s Emergency Operations Center will service and monitor the temporary restrooms near the Eugene Station.

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