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LTD Finalizes IT Labor Agreement with ATU

March 19, 2024

Lane Transit District’s Board of Directors voted unanimously Wednesday, March 13, to approve a new three-year Collective Bargaining Agreement with Amalgamated Transit Union 757 (ATU), that now represents LTD’s IT department. The new union members voted earlier that day 100% in favor of ratifying the contract that increases wages, clarifies work schedules, and creates an “IT Assistance Program.”

“The new agreement is an investment in an unseen but essential part of LTD’s workforce – our IT department,” said Gino Grimaldi, LTD Board President. “These employees keep us safe from cyber attacks, ensure the software on our buses works seamlessly, and maintains the critical infrastructure that allows LTD to run smoothly.”

Highlights of the agreement include:

·         Three annual across-the-board wage increases, converts workers to a step-based wage progression.

·         Creates “IT Assistance Program,” which places reasonable limits on contracting out work, while encouraging collaboration to solve short-term needs.

·         Builds a process for the mutual development of training plans for each employee.

·         Contains language to ensure life-balance, including mechanisms that will highlight and correct times when employees may become overworked.

·         Preserves healthcare and time off benefits.

“ATU is pleased to secure a strong first contract for our newest set of members, LTD's IT department,” said Bill Bradley, ATU Local 757’s Executive Board Officer. “Throughout the process, we were able to highlight their critical work and create deeper understanding across LTD of the impact these members provide to the organization and ultimately, the community. We are excited to move forward in the spirit of collaboration that ultimately got us over the finish line.”

The new contract runs from March 13, 2024 through June 30, 2027.

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