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LTD Passes Review With Flying Colors

August 20, 2021
The Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) has informed Lane Transit District (LTD) that it found no deficiencies in any of the 21 areas it examined in a Triennial Review of LTD’s federal compliance in the administration and implementation of the District’s programs funded by FTA.

“The success of LTD’s Triennial FTA Review is a credit to the District’s dedicated employees who work daily to provide service and value to the community and the taxpayers they serve,” said Aurora Jackson, LTD’s General Manager. “The community needs to understand and appreciate this achievement because a Triennial FTA Review with no deficiencies is rare. Staff should be proud of the accomplishment. It shows their commitment to ensuring that LTD is managing federal funds effectively and in the best interest of taxpayers.”

The FTA’s Triennial Review is conducted by an independent organization and is focused on 21 areas of compliance. Administrative and statutory requirements are discussed and documents are reviewed, including a sample of FTA financial awards that are examined to determine how well they are managed and how effective the programs are implemented in accordance with the requirements of Federal public transportation law 49 U.S.C. Chapter 53.

“On behalf of the LTD Board of Directors, I want to congratulate AJ and the entire LTD team on a job well done,” said Caitlin Vargas, LTD’s President of the Board of Directors. “I am grateful for their hard work and commitment to our passengers and taxpayers.”

Information about the FTA Triennial Review is here.

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