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LTD's 'Paw Print' Program Receives National Recognition

May 14, 2024

Lane Transit District was recently featured in a showcase of accessibility innovations by the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center (NADTC).

The NADTC, established by the Federal Transit Administration, recognized LTD’s Service Animal paw print program.

By using a voluntary rider card endorsement that looks like a paw print, LTD aims to reduce conflicts between riders and bus operators, while expediting the boarding process. As a result, LTD found that over 93% of participating riders surveyed said boarding with a service animal was a faster experience, and over 91% said they had less conflicts with operators. Most importantly, over 77% said they ride public transit more often as a result.

“Riders love the program because they can have a faster, hassle-free boarding experience,” said John Ahlen, LTD’s Accessible Services Program Manager. “Operators love the program because it takes the guess work out of whether a rider boarding with a dog has a service animal or not.”

LTD’s work to promote equitable service animal policies has also been featured by the Community Transportation Association of America, and the National Rural Transit Assistance Program.

LTD was invited to host a service animal best practices and policies workshop at this year’s Oregon Transit Association Conference in Seaside. Scheduled for late October, LTD plans to share how transit agencies across the state can replicate similar programs.

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