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Save the Planet: Take a Ride on LTD

April 19, 2023

If you are looking for an easy way to participate in Earth Day on Saturday, April 22, take a ride on a Lane Transit District (LTD) bus to do errands, go to a park, commute to work, or go out to lunch.

Since 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated every April 22, to encourage and demonstrate support for environmental protection globally.

“Riding the bus is easy,” said Pat Walsh, LTD’s Chief Marketing Officer. “With a little bit of planning, you can save a car trip by boarding an LTD bus at any one of LTD’s 1,300 stops, 60 EmX platforms, 22 Park & Rides, or 11 neighborhood stations.”

According to UCLA Transportation, every fossil-fueled single-occupant vehicle releases approximately one pound of carbon dioxide, or CO2, per mile driven. Riding the bus results in improved air quality and reduced road congestion.

In June 2020, The LTD Board of Directors adopted a Climate Action Plan aimed at reducing its fleet’s tailpipe emissions by 75%.  By converting to Renewable R99 Diesel Fuel from regular diesel, and integrating battery-electric buses into the LTD 100-bus fleet, the District has reduced CO2 emissions by more than 77%.

The 77% emissions reduction represents just over 8,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere. According to the US EPA, this is equivalent to taking more than 1,700 vehicles off the road for a year, or the amount of carbon sequestered by growing more than 130,000 tree seedlings for 10 years.

LTD’s fleet is comprised of 13 battery-electric buses and 87 buses fueled with Renewable R99 Diesel Fuel. Made from waste and plant matter, R99 does not release new CO2 into the atmosphere. Additionally, the District will replace 17 of its aging buses with battery-electric powered buses as supply chain issues are resolved.

“Join us on the bus on Earth Day or any day of the week,” Walsh said. “When you do, traffic congestion decreases and you help keep the air clean.”

Complete bus schedules and bus fare information are available online.

Learn more about LTD’s commitment to sustainability at LTD.org.

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