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Did You Know? EmX Departures

January 22, 2019

Running a little late and the EmX doors are already closed? When it comes to EmX, there are times that procedures and safety concerns prevent a bus operator from re-opening the doors for riders who arrive a little late. LTD bus operators work hard to offer the best customer service for riders whenever possible.

In order to keep on a 10-15 minute schedule, EmX bus operators request a “signal” from the traffic light system, allowing them priority as they enter traffic. Once the signal has been requested, the doors must remain closed. Any delay causes the lost opportunity the priority traffic light offers, thus affecting route times.

Due to the height of the EmX, boarding and de-boarding must happen at the platform, with a safe distance between the bus and the platform. If an EmX has moved from the platform even slightly, doors must remain closed for safety reasons.

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