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Get started by registering at DriveLessConnect.com to organize carpools for work or play, every day or just once in a while. With Drive Less Connect, you’ll be put in touch with smart carpoolers like you who are looking to save money, time, and the environment. They are friends, neighbors, and co-workers who share a similar commute schedule and route as you.

Find your perfect match

To find a carpool partner, vanpool, or bike/walk buddy, just log in to DriveLessConnect.com and select “Create a Trip” under the Ridematch tab. Specify the type of trip, how often you make this trip, your route and schedule preferences, then save your trip. Note: When entering addresses, please provide city and state information!

A map will appear showing the other commuters’ starting and ending points. Checkboxes below the map will allow you to show/hide the locations of matches on the map. To the left of the map there will be more detailed information on your rideshare matches.

Contact your matches to find your preferred carpool partners.

You can start by carpooling once a week, or every day. You decide with your carpool partner.

When you find a match, select “Send Message” to communicate your interest in ridesharing (sharing your contact information is optional).

Should no matches come up, don’t worry. New commuters register every day, so check back frequently. If another user finds you as a match, the system will send you an e-mail at the address you provided when you registered.

New to the Pool?

Here are some helpful tips to point you in the right direction. Riding with someone new can be intimidating, but if you read these simple tips, you’ll be swimming right along!

Need more help finding a match?

After signing up with Drive Less Connect, post notices at work and talk to your friends and co-workers, because they may be looking for just this opportunity. Simply print out this Carpool Wanted Flyer and post it at work. Your transportation coordinator or human resources department may also be able to help you find a co-worker to share the ride.

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