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Now you can have convenient access to a car, without the expense and hassle of owning one. Just think...no financing or insurance issues. Gasoline is included. What's not to love?

Carsharing allows you the convenience and independence you've come to enjoy, while still leading a less car-dependent lifestyle.

Carsharing is now available to all residents of Eugene/Springfield. Click on one of the links below to see what carsharing can do for you!


ZipCar Website


  • AMTRAK (433 Willamette) – 1 Car
  • 13th & Olive Apt (11th Ave & Willamette Street) – 2 Cars
  • Campus Court (East 15th Alley & Alder Street) – 2 Cars
  • Hub on Campus (800 Alder St) – 2 Cars
  • Woodside Manor (1810 Harris St) – 1 Car
  • Canterbury Court (East 14th Alley/Alder)

All vehicles available to both University and Community members.

Need more info? Give us a call at 541-687-5555.....We love to talk carsharing!