LTD passengers should check the weather forecast and bus schedules, as inclement weather is expected to impact the area over the next few days. Los pasajeros de LTD deben consultar el pronóstico del tiempo y los horarios de los autobuses, ya que se espera que las inclemencias del tiempo afecten el área durante las próximos días. Learn More
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Employer Toolkit

Welcome to the Point2point Employer Transportation Coordinator (ETC) Toolkit! This is your one-stop resource for commute options information in the Eugene-Springfield area.

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Full Toolkit

Part I: First Steps
    1. Introduction
    2. ETC Essentials
    3. Emergency Ride Home
Part II: Commute Modes
    1. Carpool
    2. Vanpool
    3. Transit
    4. Walking & Biking
    5. Telework
    6. Flexible Work Schedules
Part III: Beyond the Basics
    1. Surveys and Assessments
    2. Events and Campaigns
    3. Rewards and Recognition
    4. Talking to Management
    5. External Recognition Programs
    6. Getting Involved
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