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Twitter_LogoPairingLockup_LaneTransitLTD’s Service Alert system is maintained to inform you when a detour is going to affect regular service to a specific bus stop or route.  Detours can be the result of construction, weather, a community event, emergency situations, etc.  Every effort is taken to keep the information as up-to-date as possible.  In addition to the service alerts found on each route page, LTD publishes the alerts in real-time on Twitter.  To learn more about setting up a Twitter notification, click here. Twitter-Credits

Current Detours

Below is a list of the current detours impacting regular bus service.  If your route is not list here no detour is in place at this time.

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  • Route 93 – Temporary Stop on Hwy 126 and Ellmaker
    Starting on Tuesday, May 28, ODOT will be working in the area of Hwy 126 and Ellmaker Rd. Construction is expected to begin on the north side of the highway and Route 93 will not be able to serve the bus stop on the north side of Hwy 126 east of Ellmaker Road for approximately two weeks. A temporary bus stop will be set up near this location for outbound service towards Veneta. During this time, Route 93 will continue to serve the bus stop on the south side of the Hwy 126 for inbound service towards Eugene. When construction is completed on the north side of Hwy 126, work will shift to the south side for another two weeks.
  • Route 13 – Construction Detour on Centennial
    UPDATED: 5/20, 10:12 AM: The repaving project on Centennial Blvd. was postponed last week to now start this Thursday, May 23.  During construction, Route 13 may not be able to serve the four bus stops east of Anderson Lane. This includes the stops on both sides of Centennial Blvd at Anderson Lane and at Aspen Street. Construction is expected to last each weekday from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM and end on Monday, May 27. Buses will be able travel down Centennial Blvd in this area but may not be able to access these stops. Riders should plan extra travel time to use the bus stops on Centennial Blvd at Rainbow Drive if their normal stop is blocked.
  • Route 33 - Detour Near Jefferson & 20th
    Due to long-term construction in the area of Jefferson Street and 20th Avenue, Inbound Route 33 may not be able to serve the 2 bus stops on Jefferson between 19th and 17th Avenues. If Jefferson Street is blocked at 20th Avenue, these stops will not be served. Plan for this possibility and give yourself extra time if you have to walk to an alternative stop either at Jefferson and 22nd Avenue or Jefferson and 15th Avenue.

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