EmX Eugene

EmX – Construction on West 11th Avenue
UPDATED 10/15/19, 8:35 AM: Construction continues on West 11th Avenue impacting service on EmX stations between Bailey Hill and Oak Patch Stations.  Work crews are currently painting lines in the street and may block a station platform. Plan extra travel time in case construction unexpectedly blocks a station. If a station is closed, plan to use the next closest station.

The EmX Eugene line provides daytime, Monday through Friday, Bus Rapid Transit service between Commerce Station, Eugene Station and Springfield Station.  


Riders continuing to the Gateway area will need to transfer at the Springfield Station to EmX Gateway.  On evening and weekend days, riders can travel on a single EmX bus to any EmX station location.

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Major Destinations:

  • West Eugene
  • Downtown Eugene
  • PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center University District
  • University of Oregon
  • Matthew Knight Arena
  • Hayward Field
  • Downtown Springfield

Minor Stops
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Map & Schedule
Commerce Station WalmartSeneca StationGarfield/10thEugene Station Bay [T]Dads' Gates StationWalnut StationSpringfield Station
---------6:00 AM6:06 AM6:10 AM6:17 AM
6:03 AM6:07 AM6:10 AM6:24 AM6:30 AM6:34 AM6:40 AM
---------6:45 AM6:51 AM6:55 AM7:01 AM
6:34 AM6:38 AM6:43 AM6:59 AM7:05 AM7:09 AM7:15 AM
6:44 AM6:48 AM6:53 AM7:09 AM7:15 AM7:19 AM7:25 AM
6:54 AM6:58 AM7:03 AM7:19 AM7:25 AM7:29 AM7:35 AM
7:04 AM7:08 AM7:13 AM7:29 AM7:35 AM7:39 AM7:45 AM
7:14 AM7:18 AM7:23 AM7:39 AM7:45 AM7:49 AM7:55 AM
7:24 AM7:28 AM7:33 AM7:49 AM7:55 AM7:59 AM8:05 AM
7:34 AM7:38 AM7:43 AM7:59 AM8:05 AM8:09 AM8:15 AM
7:44 AM7:48 AM7:53 AM8:09 AM8:15 AM8:19 AM8:25 AM
7:54 AM7:58 AM8:03 AM8:19 AM8:25 AM8:29 AM8:35 AM
8:04 AM8:08 AM8:13 AM8:29 AM8:35 AM8:39 AM8:45 AM
8:14 AM8:18 AM8:23 AM8:39 AM8:45 AM8:49 AM8:55 AM
8:24 AM8:28 AM8:33 AM8:49 AM8:55 AM8:59 AM9:05 AM
8:34 AM8:38 AM8:43 AM8:59 AM9:05 AM9:09 AM9:15 AM
8:44 AM8:48 AM8:53 AM9:09 AM9:15 AM9:19 AM9:25 AM
8:54 AM8:58 AM9:03 AM9:19 AM9:25 AM9:29 AM9:35 AM
9:04 AM9:08 AM9:13 AM9:29 AM9:35 AM9:39 AM9:45 AM
9:14 AM9:18 AM9:23 AM9:39 AM9:45 AM9:49 AM9:55 AM
9:24 AM9:28 AM9:33 AM9:49 AM9:55 AM9:59 AM10:05 AM
9:34 AM9:38 AM9:43 AM9:59 AM10:05 AM10:09 AM10:15 AM
9:44 AM9:48 AM9:53 AM10:09 AM10:15 AM10:19 AM10:25 AM
9:54 AM9:58 AM10:03 AM10:19 AM10:25 AM10:29 AM10:35 AM
10:04 AM10:08 AM10:13 AM10:29 AM10:35 AM10:39 AM10:45 AM
10:14 AM10:18 AM10:23 AM10:39 AM10:45 AM10:49 AM10:55 AM
10:24 AM10:28 AM10:33 AM10:49 AM10:55 AM10:59 AM11:05 AM
10:34 AM10:38 AM10:43 AM10:59 AM11:05 AM11:09 AM11:15 AM
10:44 AM10:48 AM10:53 AM11:09 AM11:15 AM11:19 AM11:25 AM
10:54 AM10:58 AM11:05 AM11:19 AM11:25 AM11:29 AM11:36 AM
11:04 AM11:08 AM11:15 AM11:29 AM11:35 AM11:39 AM11:46 AM
11:14 AM11:18 AM11:25 AM11:39 AM11:45 AM11:49 AM11:56 AM
11:24 AM11:28 AM11:35 AM11:49 AM11:55 AM11:59 AM12:06 PM
11:34 AM11:38 AM11:45 AM11:59 AM12:05 PM12:09 PM12:16 PM
11:44 AM11:48 AM11:55 AM12:09 PM12:15 PM12:19 PM12:26 PM
11:54 AM11:58 AM12:05 PM12:19 PM12:25 PM12:29 PM12:36 PM
12:04 PM12:08 PM12:15 PM12:29 PM12:35 PM12:39 PM12:46 PM
12:14 PM12:18 PM12:25 PM12:39 PM12:45 PM12:49 PM12:56 PM
12:24 PM12:28 PM12:35 PM12:49 PM12:55 PM12:59 PM1:06 PM
12:34 PM12:38 PM12:45 PM12:59 PM1:05 PM1:09 PM1:16 PM
12:44 PM12:48 PM12:55 PM1:09 PM1:15 PM1:19 PM1:26 PM
12:54 PM12:58 PM1:05 PM1:19 PM1:25 PM1:29 PM1:36 PM
1:04 PM1:08 PM1:15 PM1:29 PM1:35 PM1:39 PM1:46 PM
1:14 PM1:18 PM1:25 PM1:39 PM1:45 PM1:49 PM1:56 PM
1:24 PM1:28 PM1:35 PM1:49 PM1:55 PM1:59 PM2:06 PM
1:34 PM1:38 PM1:45 PM1:59 PM2:05 PM2:09 PM2:16 PM
1:44 PM1:48 PM1:55 PM2:09 PM2:15 PM2:19 PM2:26 PM
1:54 PM1:58 PM2:05 PM2:19 PM2:25 PM2:29 PM2:36 PM
2:04 PM2:08 PM2:15 PM2:29 PM2:35 PM2:39 PM2:46 PM
2:14 PM2:18 PM2:25 PM2:39 PM2:45 PM2:49 PM2:56 PM
2:24 PM2:28 PM2:35 PM2:49 PM2:55 PM2:59 PM3:06 PM
2:34 PM2:38 PM2:45 PM2:59 PM3:05 PM3:09 PM3:16 PM
2:44 PM2:48 PM2:55 PM3:09 PM3:15 PM3:19 PM3:26 PM
2:54 PM2:58 PM3:05 PM3:19 PM3:25 PM3:29 PM3:36 PM
3:04 PM3:08 PM3:15 PM3:29 PM3:35 PM3:39 PM3:46 PM
3:14 PM3:18 PM3:25 PM3:39 PM3:45 PM3:49 PM3:56 PM
3:24 PM3:28 PM3:35 PM3:49 PM3:55 PM3:59 PM4:06 PM
3:34 PM3:38 PM3:45 PM3:59 PM4:05 PM4:09 PM4:16 PM
3:44 PM3:48 PM3:55 PM4:09 PM4:15 PM4:19 PM4:26 PM
3:54 PM3:58 PM4:05 PM4:19 PM4:25 PM4:29 PM4:36 PM
4:04 PM4:08 PM4:15 PM4:29 PM4:35 PM4:39 PM4:46 PM
4:14 PM4:18 PM4:25 PM4:39 PM4:45 PM4:49 PM4:56 PM
4:24 PM4:28 PM4:35 PM4:49 PM4:55 PM4:59 PM5:06 PM
4:34 PM4:38 PM4:45 PM4:59 PM5:05 PM5:09 PM5:16 PM
4:44 PM4:48 PM4:55 PM5:09 PM5:15 PM5:19 PM5:26 PM
4:54 PM4:58 PM5:05 PM5:19 PM5:25 PM5:29 PM5:36 PM
5:04 PM5:08 PM5:15 PM5:29 PM5:35 PM5:39 PM5:46 PM
5:14 PM5:18 PM5:25 PM5:39 PM5:45 PM5:49 PM5:56 PM
5:24 PM5:28 PM5:35 PM5:49 PM5:55 PM5:59 PM6:06 PM
5:34 PM5:38 PM5:45 PM5:59 PM6:05 PM6:09 PM6:16 PM
5:44 PM5:48 PM5:55 PM6:09 PM6:15 PM6:19 PM6:26 PM
5:54 PM5:58 PM6:05 PM6:19 PM6:25 PM6:29 PM6:36 PM
6:04 PM6:08 PM6:13 PM6:28 PM6:34 PM6:38 PM6:45 PM
6:15 PM6:19 PM6:24 PM6:39 PM6:45 PM6:49 PM6:56 PM
Hidden Stops:
Springfield Station Bay [G]Walnut StationDads' Gates StationEugene Station Bay [U]Garfield/11thSeneca StationCommerce Station Target
5:37 AM5:41 AM5:45 AM5:55 AM---------
6:09 AM6:14 AM6:18 AM6:28 AM6:38 AM6:43 AM6:49 AM
6:22 AM6:27 AM6:31 AM6:41 AM6:51 AM6:56 AM7:02 AM
6:45 AM6:50 AM6:54 AM7:04 AM7:14 AM7:19 AM7:25 AM
6:55 AM7:00 AM7:04 AM7:14 AM7:24 AM7:29 AM7:35 AM
7:07 AM7:12 AM7:16 AM7:27 AM7:38 AM7:43 AM7:49 AM
7:21 AM7:26 AM7:30 AM7:41 AM7:52 AM7:57 AM8:03 AM
7:31 AM7:36 AM7:40 AM7:51 AM8:02 AM8:07 AM8:13 AM
7:41 AM7:46 AM7:50 AM8:01 AM8:12 AM8:17 AM8:23 AM
7:51 AM7:56 AM8:00 AM8:11 AM8:22 AM8:27 AM8:33 AM
8:01 AM8:06 AM8:10 AM8:21 AM8:32 AM8:37 AM8:43 AM
8:11 AM8:16 AM8:20 AM8:31 AM8:42 AM8:47 AM8:53 AM
8:21 AM8:26 AM8:30 AM8:41 AM8:52 AM8:57 AM9:03 AM
8:31 AM8:36 AM8:40 AM8:51 AM9:02 AM9:07 AM9:13 AM
8:41 AM8:46 AM8:50 AM9:01 AM9:12 AM9:17 AM9:23 AM
8:51 AM8:56 AM9:00 AM9:11 AM9:22 AM9:27 AM9:33 AM
9:01 AM9:06 AM9:10 AM9:21 AM9:32 AM9:37 AM9:43 AM
9:11 AM9:16 AM9:20 AM9:31 AM9:42 AM9:47 AM9:53 AM
9:21 AM9:26 AM9:30 AM9:41 AM9:52 AM9:57 AM10:03 AM
9:31 AM9:36 AM9:40 AM9:51 AM10:02 AM10:07 AM10:13 AM
9:41 AM9:46 AM9:50 AM10:01 AM10:12 AM10:17 AM10:23 AM
9:51 AM9:56 AM10:00 AM10:11 AM10:22 AM10:27 AM10:33 AM
10:01 AM10:06 AM10:10 AM10:21 AM10:32 AM10:37 AM10:43 AM
10:11 AM10:16 AM10:20 AM10:31 AM10:42 AM10:47 AM10:53 AM
10:21 AM10:26 AM10:30 AM10:41 AM10:52 AM10:57 AM11:03 AM
10:31 AM10:36 AM10:40 AM10:51 AM11:02 AM11:07 AM11:13 AM
10:41 AM10:46 AM10:50 AM11:01 AM11:12 AM11:17 AM11:23 AM
10:51 AM10:56 AM11:00 AM11:11 AM11:22 AM11:27 AM11:33 AM
11:01 AM11:06 AM11:10 AM11:21 AM11:32 AM11:37 AM11:43 AM
11:11 AM11:16 AM11:20 AM11:31 AM11:42 AM11:47 AM11:53 AM
11:21 AM11:26 AM11:30 AM11:41 AM11:52 AM11:57 AM12:03 PM
11:31 AM11:36 AM11:40 AM11:51 AM12:02 PM12:07 PM12:13 PM
11:42 AM11:47 AM11:51 AM12:02 PM12:13 PM12:18 PM12:24 PM
11:52 AM11:57 AM12:01 PM12:12 PM12:23 PM12:28 PM12:34 PM
12:02 PM12:07 PM12:11 PM12:22 PM12:33 PM12:38 PM12:44 PM
12:12 PM12:17 PM12:21 PM12:32 PM12:43 PM12:48 PM12:54 PM
12:22 PM12:27 PM12:31 PM12:42 PM12:53 PM12:58 PM1:04 PM
12:32 PM12:37 PM12:41 PM12:52 PM1:03 PM1:08 PM1:14 PM
12:42 PM12:47 PM12:51 PM1:02 PM1:13 PM1:18 PM1:24 PM
12:52 PM12:57 PM1:01 PM1:12 PM1:23 PM1:28 PM1:34 PM
1:02 PM1:07 PM1:11 PM1:22 PM1:33 PM1:38 PM1:44 PM
1:12 PM1:17 PM1:21 PM1:32 PM1:43 PM1:48 PM1:54 PM
1:22 PM1:27 PM1:31 PM1:42 PM1:53 PM1:58 PM2:04 PM
1:32 PM1:37 PM1:41 PM1:52 PM2:03 PM2:08 PM2:14 PM
1:42 PM1:47 PM1:51 PM2:02 PM2:13 PM2:18 PM2:24 PM
1:52 PM1:57 PM2:01 PM2:12 PM2:23 PM2:28 PM2:34 PM
2:02 PM2:07 PM2:11 PM2:22 PM2:33 PM2:38 PM2:44 PM
2:12 PM2:17 PM2:21 PM2:32 PM2:43 PM2:48 PM2:54 PM
2:22 PM2:27 PM2:31 PM2:42 PM2:53 PM2:58 PM3:04 PM
2:32 PM2:37 PM2:41 PM2:52 PM3:03 PM3:08 PM3:14 PM
2:42 PM2:47 PM2:51 PM3:02 PM3:13 PM3:18 PM3:24 PM
2:52 PM2:57 PM3:01 PM3:12 PM3:23 PM3:28 PM3:34 PM
3:02 PM3:07 PM3:11 PM3:22 PM3:33 PM3:38 PM3:44 PM
3:12 PM3:17 PM3:21 PM3:32 PM3:43 PM3:48 PM3:54 PM
3:22 PM3:27 PM3:31 PM3:42 PM3:53 PM3:58 PM4:04 PM
3:32 PM3:37 PM3:41 PM3:52 PM4:03 PM4:08 PM4:14 PM
3:42 PM3:47 PM3:51 PM4:02 PM4:13 PM4:18 PM4:24 PM
3:52 PM3:57 PM4:01 PM4:12 PM4:23 PM4:28 PM4:34 PM
4:02 PM4:07 PM4:11 PM4:22 PM4:33 PM4:38 PM4:44 PM
4:12 PM4:17 PM4:21 PM4:32 PM4:43 PM4:48 PM4:54 PM
4:22 PM4:27 PM4:31 PM4:42 PM4:53 PM4:58 PM5:04 PM
4:32 PM4:37 PM4:41 PM4:52 PM5:03 PM5:08 PM5:14 PM
4:42 PM4:47 PM4:51 PM5:02 PM5:13 PM5:18 PM5:24 PM
4:52 PM4:57 PM5:01 PM5:12 PM5:23 PM5:28 PM5:34 PM
5:02 PM5:07 PM5:11 PM5:22 PM5:33 PM5:38 PM5:44 PM
5:12 PM5:17 PM5:21 PM5:32 PM5:43 PM5:48 PM5:54 PM
5:22 PM5:27 PM5:31 PM5:42 PM5:53 PM5:58 PM6:04 PM
5:32 PM5:37 PM5:41 PM5:52 PM6:03 PM6:08 PM6:14 PM
5:42 PM5:47 PM5:51 PM6:02 PM6:13 PM6:18 PM6:24 PM
5:52 PM5:57 PM6:01 PM6:12 PM6:23 PM6:28 PM6:34 PM
6:02 PM6:07 PM6:11 PM6:22 PM6:32 PM6:36 PM6:43 PM
6:12 PM6:17 PM6:21 PM6:32 PM6:42 PM6:46 PM6:53 PM
6:22 PM6:27 PM6:31 PM6:42 PM6:52 PM6:56 PM7:03 PM
6:32 PM6:37 PM6:41 PM6:52 PM7:02 PM7:06 PM7:13 PM
6:42 PM6:47 PM6:51 PM7:02 PM7:12 PM7:16 PM7:23 PM
6:51 PM6:56 PM7:00 PM7:11 PM7:21 PM7:25 PM7:32 PM
7:01 PM7:06 PM7:10 PM7:21 PM7:31 PM7:35 PM7:41 PM
7:20 PM7:25 PM7:29 PM7:40 PM7:50 PM7:54 PM8:00 PM
7:34 PM7:39 PM7:43 PM7:54 PM8:04 PM8:08 PM8:14 PM
Hidden Stops:

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