24 - Donald - Route Description

The route begins at Eugene Station (Bay L) and travels South on Willamette Street where it serves Woodfield Station.  The bus continues South on Willamette Street and Southeast on Donald Street where it serves the Southside Post office and Edgewood Shopping Center Center.  The bus continues South to Spencer Butte Middle School at 43rd Avenue and turns East on 46th Avenue and Northwest on Fox Hollow Road.

To return, the bus heads North on Donald Street, East on Pearl Street past the Tamarack Wellness Center, West on 34th Place, and North on Donald Street, which merges with Willamette Street at 32nd Avenue.  The bus continues North on Willamette Street, East on 20th Avenue, North on Oak Street, and West on 11th Avenue to return to Eugene Station.  Three morning trips travel North on Oak Street, West on 8th Avenue, South on Olive Street to Eugene 

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