40 - Echo Hollow - Route Description

The route begins at Eugene Station (Bay Q) and travels East on 10th Avenue and North on Oak Street where it serves the Lane County Courthouse. The bus turns West on 5th Avenue where it serves the Amtrak station.  The bus continues on 5th Street until it turns Northwest on Blair Boulevard and West on 2nd Avenue. The bus turns North on Chambers, where it serves the Eugene Mission, and then West on Roosevelt where it serves Four Corners.  The bus turns North on Maple, West on Elmira Road, North on Bertelsen Road, West on Royal Avenue and North on Echo Hollow where it serves Cascade Middle School and Willamette High School. The bus continues North and turns East on Wagner where it serves WinCo.  The bus then travels East on Aerial Way, South on North Clarey, West on Barger Drive, South on Echo Hollow Road, East on Royal Avenue, South on Bertelsen Road, East on Elmira Road and Southeast on Highway 99.  The bus then turns East on Roosevelt Boulevard, South on Chambers Street, East on 2nd Avenue, South on Blair Boulevard, East on 5th Avenue, South on Pearl Street, and West on 11th Avenue to return to Eugene Station.

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