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66 - VRC/Coburg - Route Description

The route begins at Eugene Station (Bay R) and travels east on 10th Avenue and north onto Oak Street, where it serves the Lane County Courthouse. The bus turns east onto 7th Avenue, crosses the Ferry Street Bridge, and takes the MLK Boulevard exit northwest onto Country Club Road, where it serves the Eugene Police Department and the Oregon Medical Group. The bus travels west at Valley River Drive, south at Valley River Way, and serves Valley River Center when it arrives at Valley River Station (Bay B). From the Station, the bus travels to Valley River Drive and north onto Goodpasture Island Road, where it serves Marist High School. The bus continues north on Delta Highway and turns east onto Green Acres Road, where it serves Delta Oaks Shopping Center. Green Acres becomes Crescent Avenue, where it serves Cal Young Middle School. The bus crosses Coburg Road on Crescent Avenue, turns south onto Shadow View Drive, and west onto Chad Drive, where it serves the Department of Human Resources.  The bus turns south onto Coburg Road, where it serves Sheldon Plaza, Oakway Center, the Oregon Employment Office, and the Social Security Administration. The bus turns west onto 6th Avenue and south onto Pearl Street, where it serves Eugene City Hall. The bus turns west onto 11th Avenue to return to Eugene Station.

Route Variations: During evenings and on Sundays, the bus heads west on 3rd Street from Coburg Road and south onto Pearl, where it serves Ya-Po-Ah Terrace and the Fifth Street Public Market. From Pearl Street, the bus heads west onto West 11th to return to Eugene Station.

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