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92 - Lowell/LCC - Route Description

The route begins at Eugene Station (Bay I) and travels south on Willamette Street, east onto 13th Avenue, and south onto Pearl Street, where it serves the west side of South Eugene High School before continuing south onto Amazon Parkway. Upon reaching Amazon Station (Bay C), the bus turns east and travels on 30th Avenue to the Lane Community College exit, and south onto Gonyea, where it serves Lane Community College Station (Bay E) and Main Campus.  The bus departs Lane Community College Station on Gonyea Road and travels east onto 30th Avenue across I-5 onto Franklin Boulevard, and travels onto Seavey Loop Road. The bus continues towards Goshen and takes Highway 58 eastbound, where it serves Pleasant Hill.  The bus travels north on Pioneer Street to Lowell, crossing Dexter Reservoir, west onto East Main Street, north onto Moss Street, and east onto 2nd Street. The bus turns south onto Pioneer Street and continues to Highway 58 West to travel the regular routing to return to Eugene Station.

Route Variation: The 6:27 p.m. trip leaving Lowell; The bus heads east on Jasper-Lowell Road and resumes on regular inbound routing until the bus reaches 20th Avenue. The 6:27 p.m. trip does not service LCC. The bus continues west onto 30th Avenue and serves Amazon Station (Bay A). It continues north on Amazon Parkway, west onto 19th Avenue, north onto Oak Street, and west onto 13th Avenue, where it serves UO Station (Bay B). The bus will head north on Kincaid Street and west onto 11th Avenue to Eugene Station.

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