95 - Junction City - Route Description

The route begins at Eugene Station (Bay G) and travels North on Olive, East on 10th Avenue, North on Oak Street and West on 6th Avenue where it serves the Big Y Shopping Center.  It heads North on Highway 99 and serves Four Corners and the Gilbert Shopping Center.  The bus continues North on Highway 99, which serves Junction City. In Junction City, the bus travels East on West 1st Avenue, North on Birch Street, West on East 6th Avenue, North on Front Street, West on West 8th Avenue, North on Holly Street, West on West 10th Avenue, and South on Maple Street which serves Junction City High School.  The bus continues on Maple Street which becomes Prairie Road and travels South on Highway 99 until it becomes 7th Avenue.  The bus travels East on 7th Avenue, South on Charnelton Street, and East on 10th Avenue to return to Eugene Station.

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