Mobile Trip Planning

Getting from point A to point B is now easier when you use the trip planner on your mobile device.  Below are the simple step-by-step directions for using either the trip planner on LTD.org or the Google Maps App.

Use the LTD.org Mobile Trip Planner

  1. Enter your starting location and destination.
  2. Pick a date and time.
  3. Select whether you are departing or arriving.
  4. Choose Fastest Route, Fewest Transfers, or Minimum Walking.
  5. Choose Plan My Trip Now button.
  6. Select from the Trip Options provided.


Use the Google Maps App

  1. Enter your destination.
  2. Choose the blue Directions button.
  3. Make sure the Transit Option button is selected.
  4. Enter your starting location.
  5. Adjust the time, date and options if necessary.
  6. Select from the Trip Options provided.


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