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LTD to Begin Discussion Toward Future of Santa Clara Surplus Property

October 21, 2020
At their October 21 meeting, the LTD Board of Directors will discuss a motion to declare the portion of the undeveloped Santa Clara parcel to be surplus property. In 2015, LTD purchased an eight-acre lot with the intent of relocating its current transit station from River Road just south of Beltline to the new location on River Road between Green Lane and Hunsaker Lane, the former Santa Clara Elementary school.

In early 2018, LTD began conversations with the Santa Clara neighborhood about the plan to build the Santa Clara Transit Station on the site, understanding LTD would use only a portion for the station and sell the remaining land.  As a mass transit district, LTD may only purchase, develop, or manage the property for transit purposes.  Declaring the remaining undeveloped lot surplus will release the property from mass transit restrictions allowing an opportunity for another public or private developer to implement the neighborhood vision for housing, commercial development, and public investments. The move to declare the property surplus does not commit LTD to a timeline or process to sell the property.

LTD takes great pride in being a good neighbor.  Transit stations are regularly serviced to ensure they are well-maintained, safe, and clean. “I am excited to see the Santa Clara Transit Station completed in early 2021.  The new traffic signal will create safer conditions for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.  The new lighting and security amenities along with the attractive station design will encourage economic development. LTD is looking for public and private partners who want to spark economic development and create a space where families feel safe walking, biking, or riding LTD buses,” said Board Vice President Caitlin Vargas.

For more information about the project, Click Here.

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