Route 41 - Service Changes Beginning Sunday, September 15
Timepoint adjustments are being made to the following trips: Weekday: 5:54 a.m. (to leave 5 minutes earlier at 5:49 a.m.)

For more details about the fall service changes click here. To download the updated schedule and map for this route that will go into effect 9/15 click here.
Barger Detour
Starting Thursday, July 25, until further notice, Route 41 will not serve several stops on Barger Drive.

Outbound: Route 41 heading towards 11th Avenue and Commerce Street will not serve the 3 bus stops starting with the bus stop just east of Altamont Street (in front of the PeaceHealth Laboratories) to Primrose Street. For continued service riders should board the bus at the temporary bus stop on Wagner Street east of Cubit Street.

Inbound: Route 41 heading towards Eugene Station will not serve the 2 bus stops between Primrose Street and Echo Hollow Road. For continued service riders should board the bus at the bus stop on Barger Drive east of Golden Gardens Street.

The following destinations are accessible on this route:

  • Big Y Shopping Center
  • Gilbert Shopping Center
  • Willamette High School
  • Echo Hollow Plaza
  • Shasta Middle School
  • Kalapuya High School
  • Royal West Shopping Center

Route Description

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Minor Stops
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Map & Schedule
Eugene Station Bay [C]Garfield at 10thHwy 99 at RooseveltFairfield at HawthorneBarger at Echo HollowTerry at BargerRoyal at Danebo11th at Commerce
------------5:49 AM5:54 AM5:58 AM6:02 AM
------------6:18 AM6:23 AM6:27 AM6:32 AM
6:30 AM6:34 AM6:39 AM6:42 AM6:48 AM6:53 AM6:57 AM7:02 AM
7:00 AM7:04 AM7:09 AM7:12 AM7:18 AM7:23 AM7:27 AM7:32 AM
7:15 AM7:19 AM7:24 AM7:28 AM7:35 AM7:40 AM7:44 AM7:49 AM
7:30 AM7:34 AM7:39 AM7:43 AM7:50 AM7:55 AM8:00 AM8:06 AM
7:45 AM7:49 AM7:54 AM7:58 AM8:05 AM8:10 AM8:15 AM8:20 AM
8:00 AM8:05 AM8:10 AM8:14 AM8:21 AM8:26 AM8:30 AM8:35 AM
8:15 AM8:20 AM8:25 AM8:29 AM8:36 AM8:41 AM8:45 AM8:50 AM
8:30 AM8:36 AM8:41 AM8:45 AM8:52 AM8:57 AM9:01 AM9:07 AM
9:00 AM9:05 AM9:11 AM9:15 AM9:22 AM9:27 AM9:31 AM9:37 AM
9:30 AM9:35 AM9:41 AM9:45 AM9:52 AM9:57 AM10:01 AM10:07 AM
10:00 AM10:05 AM10:11 AM10:15 AM10:22 AM10:27 AM10:31 AM10:37 AM
10:30 AM10:35 AM10:41 AM10:45 AM10:52 AM10:57 AM11:01 AM11:07 AM
11:00 AM11:06 AM11:12 AM11:16 AM11:24 AM11:29 AM11:33 AM11:39 AM
11:30 AM11:36 AM11:42 AM11:46 AM11:54 AM11:59 AM12:03 PM12:08 PM
12:00 PM12:06 PM12:12 PM12:16 PM12:24 PM12:29 PM12:33 PM12:39 PM
12:30 PM12:36 PM12:42 PM12:46 PM12:54 PM12:59 PM1:03 PM1:09 PM
1:00 PM1:06 PM1:12 PM1:16 PM1:24 PM1:29 PM1:33 PM1:39 PM
1:30 PM1:36 PM1:42 PM1:46 PM1:54 PM1:59 PM2:03 PM2:09 PM
2:00 PM2:06 PM2:13 PM2:18 PM2:26 PM2:31 PM2:35 PM2:41 PM
2:30 PM2:36 PM2:43 PM2:48 PM2:56 PM3:01 PM3:05 PM3:11 PM
3:00 PM3:06 PM3:13 PM3:18 PM3:26 PM3:31 PM3:35 PM3:41 PM
3:30 PM3:36 PM3:43 PM3:48 PM3:56 PM4:01 PM4:05 PM4:12 PM
4:00 PM4:06 PM4:13 PM4:18 PM4:26 PM4:31 PM4:35 PM4:42 PM
4:15 PM4:22 PM4:29 PM4:34 PM4:42 PM4:47 PM4:51 PM4:57 PM
4:30 PM4:37 PM4:44 PM4:49 PM4:57 PM5:02 PM5:06 PM5:11 PM
4:45 PM4:52 PM4:59 PM5:04 PM5:12 PM5:17 PM5:21 PM5:26 PM
5:00 PM5:07 PM5:14 PM5:19 PM5:27 PM5:32 PM5:36 PM5:41 PM
5:15 PM5:22 PM5:29 PM5:34 PM5:42 PM5:47 PM5:51 PM5:56 PM
5:30 PM5:37 PM5:43 PM5:48 PM5:56 PM6:01 PM6:05 PM6:10 PM
6:00 PM6:07 PM6:13 PM6:18 PM6:26 PM6:31 PM6:35 PM6:40 PM*
6:30 PM6:36 PM6:42 PM6:46 PM6:52 PM6:57 PM7:01 PM7:06 PM*
7:00 PM7:06 PM7:12 PM7:16 PM7:22 PM7:27 PM7:31 PM7:36 PM*
7:45 PM7:49 PM7:54 PM7:57 PM8:03 PM8:07 PM8:11 PM8:16 PM*
8:45 PM8:49 PM8:54 PM8:57 PM9:03 PM9:07 PM9:11 PM9:16 PM*
9:45 PM9:49 PM9:54 PM9:57 PM10:03 PM10:07 PM10:11 PM10:16 PM*
10:45 PM10:49 PM10:54 PM10:57 PM11:03 PM11:07 PM11:11 PM11:16 PM*
11:45 PM11:49 PM11:54 PM11:57 PM12:03 AM12:07 AM12:11 AM12:16 AM
Hidden Stops:
* Continues as Route 36

Bus service on this route is not available on this day.

Bus service on this route is not available on this day.
11th at CommerceRoyal at DaneboBarger at Mary Lee LaneBarger at TerryWagner at Cubit (WinCo)Fairfield at HawthorneHwy 99 at RooseveltGarfield at 10thEugene Station
5:44 AM5:49 AM5:54 AM5:56 AM6:01 AM6:08 AM6:12 AM6:14 AM6:25 AM
6:07 AM6:12 AM6:17 AM6:19 AM6:25 AM6:32 AM6:36 AM6:38 AM6:50 AM
6:36 AM6:41 AM6:46 AM6:48 AM6:56 AM7:03 AM7:08 AM7:11 AM7:25 AM
7:06 AM7:11 AM7:16 AM7:18 AM7:26 AM7:33 AM7:38 AM7:41 AM7:55 AM
7:36 AM7:41 AM7:47 AM7:49 AM7:57 AM8:04 AM8:09 AM8:12 AM8:25 AM
7:53 AM7:58 AM8:05 AM8:07 AM8:14 AM8:21 AM8:26 AM8:29 AM8:40 AM
8:09 AM8:14 AM8:21 AM8:23 AM8:33 AM8:41 AM8:47 AM8:50 AM9:05 AM
8:23 AM8:28 AM8:35 AM8:37 AM8:47 AM8:55 AM9:01 AM9:04 AM9:20 AM
8:38 AM8:43 AM8:50 AM8:52 AM9:02 AM9:10 AM9:16 AM9:19 AM9:35 AM
8:53 AM8:58 AM9:05 AM9:07 AM9:14 AM9:21 AM9:26 AM9:29 AM9:45 AM
9:10 AM9:16 AM9:23 AM9:25 AM9:32 AM9:40 AM9:46 AM9:49 AM10:05 AM
9:40 AM9:46 AM9:53 AM9:55 AM10:02 AM10:10 AM10:16 AM10:19 AM10:35 AM
10:10 AM10:16 AM10:23 AM10:25 AM10:32 AM10:40 AM10:46 AM10:49 AM11:05 AM
10:40 AM10:46 AM10:53 AM10:55 AM11:02 AM11:10 AM11:16 AM11:19 AM11:35 AM
11:10 AM11:16 AM11:23 AM11:25 AM11:32 AM11:40 AM11:46 AM11:49 AM12:05 PM
11:42 AM11:48 AM11:55 AM11:57 AM12:04 PM12:12 PM12:18 PM12:22 PM12:35 PM
12:11 PM12:17 PM12:24 PM12:26 PM12:33 PM12:41 PM12:47 PM12:51 PM1:05 PM
12:43 PM12:49 PM12:56 PM12:58 PM1:04 PM1:12 PM1:18 PM1:22 PM1:35 PM
1:13 PM1:19 PM1:26 PM1:28 PM1:34 PM1:42 PM1:48 PM1:52 PM2:05 PM
1:43 PM1:49 PM1:56 PM1:58 PM2:04 PM2:12 PM2:18 PM2:22 PM2:35 PM
2:13 PM2:19 PM2:26 PM2:28 PM2:35 PM2:43 PM2:49 PM2:53 PM3:05 PM
2:45 PM2:51 PM2:58 PM3:00 PM3:08 PM3:16 PM3:22 PM3:26 PM3:40 PM
3:15 PM3:21 PM3:28 PM3:30 PM3:38 PM3:46 PM3:52 PM3:56 PM4:10 PM
3:45 PM3:52 PM3:59 PM4:01 PM4:08 PM4:16 PM4:22 PM4:26 PM4:40 PM
4:16 PM4:23 PM4:30 PM4:32 PM4:39 PM4:47 PM4:53 PM4:57 PM5:10 PM
4:45 PM4:52 PM4:59 PM5:01 PM5:08 PM5:16 PM5:22 PM5:25 PM5:40 PM
5:00 PM5:07 PM5:14 PM5:16 PM5:23 PM5:31 PM5:37 PM5:40 PM5:55 PM
5:14 PM5:21 PM5:28 PM5:30 PM5:37 PM5:45 PM5:51 PM5:55 PM6:10 PM
5:30 PM5:37 PM5:44 PM5:46 PM5:53 PM6:01 PM6:07 PM6:11 PM6:25 PM
5:44 PM5:51 PM5:58 PM6:00 PM6:07 PM6:15 PM6:21 PM6:25 PM6:40 PM
6:00 PM6:07 PM6:14 PM6:16 PM6:23 PM6:31 PM6:37 PM6:41 PM6:55 PM
6:14 PM6:21 PM6:28 PM6:30 PM6:37 PM6:45 PM6:51 PM6:55 PM7:09 PM
6:21 PM6:28 PM6:35 PM6:37 PM6:44 PM6:51 PM6:55 PM6:59 PM7:13 PM
6:50 PM6:57 PM---7:00 PM7:06 PM7:13 PM7:17 PM7:22 PM7:35 PM
7:20 PM7:25 PM---7:28 PM7:34 PM7:39 PM7:43 PM7:48 PM8:00 PM
8:04 PM8:09 PM---8:12 PM8:17 PM8:22 PM8:26 PM8:30 PM8:40 PM
9:04 PM9:09 PM---9:12 PM9:17 PM9:22 PM9:26 PM9:30 PM9:40 PM
10:02 PM10:07 PM---10:10 PM10:15 PM10:20 PM10:24 PM10:29 PM10:40 PM
11:02 PM11:07 PM---11:10 PM11:15 PM11:20 PM11:24 PM11:29 PM11:40 PM
Hidden Stops:

Bus service on this route is not available on this day.

Bus service on this route is not available on this day.

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