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BAT Lane Improvements

EmX at Commerce Station

LTD is improving road signage and markings to make it easier for personal vehicle drivers and EmX buses to share the road and access businesses.

Learn more about using current Business Access Transit (BAT) lanes in our BAT lanes driving guidelines.


In Summer 2023, LTD began a project to improve road signage and markings near EmX lanes to make it easier for personal vehicle drivers and buses to share the road and access businesses. The first phase of the project was painting Business Access & Transit (BAT) lanes red to increase visibility.

Starting in January 2024, work crews began installing new traffic signals and road signs to promote proper use of BAT lanes. Thru lanes will be marked with a “Straight Only” sign, and Business Access & Transit (BAT) lanes will have a “Right Turn Only” sign and “Except Bus” supplemental plaque. These new signs are intended to discourage motorists from making right turns from thru lanes, and to promote proper use of the BAT lanes.

Overall, these enhancements to road signage and markings will make driving safer and improve traffic flow.

What is a BAT Lane?

Short for Business Access & Transit, BAT lanes help buses and other vehicles move more efficiently through traffic and provide better access to businesses. BAT lanes are reserved for buses and turning vehicles only. When driving through BAT lanes, be sure to look both ways, even when entering and exiting one-way streets, and watch for buses.

How is LTD informing the community about these improvements and changes?

LTD is informing personal vehicle drivers of these changes by providing educational materials to local driving schools, Department of Motor Vehicles offices, police departments, neighborhood groups, and more. Look out for more information on social media and local news sources!

How to safely use BAT Lanes.



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