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Business Access & Transit Lanes (BAT Lanes)

What is a Business Access & Transit (BAT) Lane?

Short for Business Access & Transit, BAT lanes help EmX buses and other vehicles move more efficiently through traffic and provide better access to businesses. BAT lanes are reserved for buses and turning vehicles only. When driving through BAT lanes, be sure to look both ways, even when entering and exiting one-way streets, and watch for buses.

Download our guide on Sharing the Road with EmX Buses, or watch the tutorial video in English and Spanish.


Bus Access Only

Unless when entering a business or making a turn.

Turning onto the Street from a Business

Cars should be turning into the nearest through traffic lane.

Bus Only Lane

Only buses are permitted to use this lane.

Look For Signage Indicating Lane Use

Painted words on the road or overhead signs.

Do Not Travel In the BAT Lane

Travel in this lane is limited to one city block and should be used for right turn access only.

Do Not Park in the Bus Only Lane


Watch For Buses

Braking distances for buses take longer than general vehicles. A bus traveling at 35 mph takes 243 feet to come to a complete stop. Please watch for buses before turning into the lane.

Garfield Includes Bus Only Lane

The bus lanes on Garfield are bus only unless accessing a business. There is a dedicated turn lane at 11th and Garfield and at 7th and Garfield. The lanes are bus only within one block of these intersections.
Printable Copy - For a copy of these driving guidelines on BAT Lanes, click here.

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