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How to Take Your Bike on the Bus

Getting On the Bus

All LTD buses have bike racks on the front of the bus. Step from the curb to the front of the bus to load your bike.
  1. Pull the handle (located on the middle-top of the bike rack) to release the rack from its upright position.
  2. Lift your bike onto the bike rack, fitting the wheels into the wheel slots.
  3. Raise the support arm and place the hook over the front tire close to the fork. For BMX-style bikes, place the support arm over the bike's frame.

Getting Off the Bus

  1. As you approach your bus stop, let the bus operator know that you will be unloading your bike.
  2. Be sure to use the front door to exit the bus.
  3. Raise the support arm up and off the tire.
  4. Lift your bike out of the rack.
  5. Return the rack back to its upright position if there are no other bikes loaded and if no other people need to use it at the bus stop.
  6. Step away from the bus with your bike, hop on, and ride!


  • Bus operators provide quality service to LTD customers. Your help in quickly loading and unloading your bike will ensure that this quality service is maintained.
  • It is your responsibility to load and unload your bike. Bus operators cannot assist you.
  • Remove any bike attachments that may interfere with the operation of bus safety equipment. Bikes that do not properly fit in the rack will not be transported. Bicycles and similar devices may not block aisles or paths of travel.
  • LTD can refuse bike rack service to customers who abuse the service.
  • Only use designated bike racks for locking your bike at bus stops.
    Do not use LTD bus stop poles.
  • On rural routes, bicycles are allowed inside the bus at the operator’s discretion. Customers must secure bikes in the wheelchair areas, and they are required to deboard if a customer needs the wheelchair area. 
  • Bicycles and similar devices powered by fuel other than a battery are not permitted. Battery compartments must be sealed. Devices must weigh under 55 pounds when allowed inside the bus, or under 40 pounds when using the bicycle rack.

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