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Elements of EmX Service

EmX is an attractive choice for many riders as it offers many unique conveniences.

Frequent Service

Ten-to fifteen-minute service on weekdays and 15-to 30-minute service on evenings and weekends.

Priority in Traffic

Bus-only lanes and signals that let buses travel ahead of car traffic create faster travel times.

Dedicated Stations

All EmX Stations are equipped with comfortable covered shelters, have a fare machine, use functional art, are pedestrian friendly and most feature real-time arrival information.

Smooth Boarding

Passengers can easily board the EmX as the station platforms are the same height as the bus, and the bus pulls up very closely to the platform. If needed, a wheelchair ramp will be deployed to assist with mobility devices.

On Board Bike Parking

Three bikes may ride inside EmX buses. For more details, see the EmX Bus Rider Tips.

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