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Employees of the Month

March employee of the Month photoCongratulations to Allen!
March 2023 Employee of the Month

Allen - Shift Supervisor

Allen was nominated for always coming to work with a smile and helpful solutions. As a shift supervisor, Allen helps the operations and fleet departments get the right buses on the road to ensure that service is reliable and efficient.

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2006

Passionate about: “Making sure my son and two daughters have grown up with the ability and skills to become successful in life. Watching Formula 1 Racing and attending Heavy Metal and rock concerts.”

Favorite thing about LTD: “The team atmosphere between Operations and Fleet that helps accomplish our duties each day and keeps the fleet on the road and fulfills our service demands. The amazing people that I work with on a daily basis.”

02-2023_EOM_Rob_WebCongratulations to Rob!
February 2023 Employee of the Month

Rob - Supervisor/Instructor

Rob was nominated for treating two new LTD riders with kindness, patience, and empathy. During a fare check at Eugene Station, Rob met a couple who didn't have fare and were unfamiliar with LTD's system. Rob took the time to explain LTD's fares and how to purchase a bus pass. The couple was grateful for Rob's kindness and patience and plan to ride LTD more often.

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2019

Passionate about: "Spending time with my family, hiking, and long drives in the country."

Favorite thing about LTD: "Favorite Things about LTD: My favorite thing about LTD is that it feels like a big family where everyone tries to help and support each other to be successful, and truly cares about the community."

01-2023_EOM_Chris_WebCongratulations to Chris!
January 2023 Employee of the Month

Chris - Customer Service Supervisor

Chris was nominated for providing outstanding customer service. He communicates in a clear, precise way and goes above and beyond to help customers. He helps customers solve their problems and explains how they can avoid those situations in the future.

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2017

Passionate about: "Exploring this beautiful state with my wife and our dog. When not travelling, I can be found enjoying a good meal or putting on my headphones and listening to some vinyl records."

Favorite thing about LTD: "Working alongside genuinely passionate people, and being able to make a difference in my own community. Our riders are second to none, and it’s a privilege to be able to serve them."

Photo of December employee of the month.Congratulations to Laisa!
December 2022 Employee of the Month

Laisa - Bus Operator

Laisa was nominated for providing outstanding customer service. When approaching Eugene Station, Laisa noticed an empty wheelchair rolling into the street. She safely stopped the bus, located the person who uses the wheelchair and assisted them back into their mobility device. After checking that the person did not need medical attention, Laisa continued her route.

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2016

Passionate about: "I enjoy spending time with family and friends, and going on off-roading and camping adventures in my 4Runner."

Favorite thing about LTD: "The operators and comradery we share."

November Employee of the Month, Tapia_Arnely_Web

Congratulations to Nelly!
November 2022 Employee of the Month

Arnely "Nelly" - Customer Service Representative

Nelly was nominated for her fantastic customer service skills. She is known for her care of people, going above and beyond to help them, and her strong sense of what is right and equitable. Recently, a rider was very appreciative of Nelly's kindness and help getting home.

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2020

Passionate about: "I enjoy cooking for my friends and family, reading anime, and spending as much time with my dogs and spouse as possible."

Favorite thing about LTD: "I’m really lucky to have such a great team to work with, they’re my work family and I really appreciate them!"

Brian Dorsey October Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Brian!
October 2022 Employee of the Month

Brian - Bus Operator

Brian was nominated for his kindness and outstanding customer service. During a layover at Eugene Station, Brian guided a customer with visual impairments around the station. Brian is a bus operator known for his sense of humor, warmth, and kindness. He is a team player who enjoys connecting with LTD riders and fellow operators.

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2014

Passionate about: “I enjoy watching my kids in sports, woodworking, basketball, and family games.“

Favorite thing about LTD: “Interacting with the public, meeting new people every day, and helping them get to where they need to go.”

Photo of Bret the LTD September Employee of the Month.

Congratulations to Bret!
September 2022 Employee of the Month

Bret - Transit Planner

Bret was nominated for his commitment to making bus service during the World Athletics Championships a success. He worked hard to adjust LTD's routes and schedules to meet the needs of riders and visitors alike. In just a few weeks, Bret also planned and coordinated the airport-hotel shuttle for the event.

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2012

Passionate about: “I am passionate about spending time with my grandkids, family, friends, and my church. I love to travel to exotic places with my wife, family, and friends. One of my favorite activities is scuba diving wherever I can, even in the Pacific Ocean or the warm waters of the Caribbean.“

Favorite thing about LTD: “The people I work with are so inspiring, innovative, and creative. Being part of a team that positively impacts so many lives for the better is like a dream come true.”

August Employee of the Month, Dianna Strye

Congratulations to Dianna!
August 2022 Employee of the Month

Dianna - Bus Operator

Dianna was nominated for her amazing customer service. As a rider exited the bus using a mobility device, Dianna saw several large pieces of wood on the sidewalk blocking the rider's path. She got out of the bus and moved the boards so the rider could continue down the sidewalk.

Part of the LTD Family SInce: 2007

Passionate about: “Caring for others. Before LTD I worked as a caregiver and was a volunteer FF/EMT for 9 years. My life has always been about others first.“

Favorite thing about LTD: “Besides my awesome supervisor! Driving with a view. They say that when you do what you love it isn't work. I've always had a passion for cars and driving...it was something I couldn't wait to do as a kid. The drivers seat has just always been a place I've felt connected and comfortable.”

June Employee of the Month photoCongratulations to Dick!
June 2022 Employee of the Month

Dick - Bus Operator

Dick was nominated for his constant good mood and excellent driving record. On an early morning in May, Dick was waiting at a bus stop as a frequent rider on a bicycle approached the bus. The man dropped his bike pump and Dick waited for the rider to retrieve the pump so he could board the bus. The rider appreciates that Dick is always in a great mood and operates his bus in a safe and timely manner.

Part of the LTD Family for: 26+ years

Passionate about: “Cars, bacon and the beach.“

Favorite thing about LTD: “Getting to meet interesting people every day.”


Congratulations to Jeremy!
May 2022 Employee of the Month

Jeremy - Bus Operator

Jeremy was nominated for taking care of a long-time LTD rider. When driving a bus, Jeremy noticed something out of the ordinary on the road. As he slowly approached, he realized that a treasured rider, Tony, was laying in the middle of the road with his wheelchair overturned. Jeremy safely stopped the bus and rushed to assist Tony back into his wheelchair. After ensuring that Tony was okay, Jeremy resumed his route.

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2013

Passionate about: Food, golf, and spending time with family in his off time.

Favorite thing about LTD: Having a window to the world!


Congratulations to Jesse!
April 2022 Employee of the Month

Jesse - Journeyman Mechanic

Jesse was nominated for consistently keeping rider and employee safety in mind. He takes pride in his work, responds to obstacles with creative solutions, and is determined to keep everyone around him safe. Jesse demonstrated his problem-solving skills by reconfiguring the plexiglas barriers on LTD’s buses to improve visibility for bus operators.

Part of LTD Family since: 2012

Passionate about: “I love going to church with my family, going camping and riding ATVs with family and friends, fabricating and building fun things, and just chillin’."

Favorite thing about LTD: “I really enjoy the people I work with and enjoy working on the buses. I like learning about the new electric buses and technology that comes with them.”


Congratulations to Sarah!
March 2022 Employee of the Month

Sarah - Graphic Designer

Sarah was nominated for consistently taking initiative, thinking creatively and challenging norms to make things better for LTD employees and riders. She is proactive and collaborative, thinking ahead many months to ensure that all projects are completed on time and represent the District’s brand well. Sarah is always looking for a more efficient way to do things and is instrumental in moving the District toward fully ADA-accessible materials.

Part of LTD Family since: 2016

Passionate about: "I am passionate about health and wellness and how nutrition can positively affect one’s physical and emotional well-being. I love to learn what others have to share, and I love to share what I have learned from others!"

Favorite thing about LTD: "When we use our life as a source for something good, really great things can happen. Here at LTD, I am honored to work with people who give their time and abilities in the effort of keeping our community connected each day."


Congratulations to Erick!
February 2022 Employee of the Month

Erick - Bus Operator

Erick was nominated for loyally serving his community as a bus operator for more than 25 years, and providing assistance to a young rider. Since he was hired in June of 1996, Erick has an excellent record of accomplishments, including nearly 26 years of safe driving. Recently, he patiently helped a young man learn how to read the bus schedule and plan a transit trip. Erick is recognized for his kindness and willingness to get out of the driver’s seat and provide outstanding customer service.


Congratulations to Rebecca!
January 2022 Employee of the Month

Rebecca - Materials Management Supervisor

Rebecca was nominated for continually showing her commitment to the District’s mission, vision and values on a daily basis. Through problem solving, taking initiative, negotiating contracts with vendors, and building community partnerships, Rebecca lives the District’s values and exceeds expectations.


Congratulations to George and Shawn!
December 2021 Employees of the Month

George - Public Safety Officer
Shawn - Transit Operations Field Supervisor

George and Shawn were nominated for administering first-aid to a critically wounded person at Eugene Station, who came to LTD for help. The pair called 911 and provided emergency aid until paramedics arrived. George and Shawn are recognized for their selfless, quick response.


Congratulations to Cory!
November 2021 Employee of the Month

Cory - Senior Systems Administrator

Cory was nominated for stepping up to solve an Information Technology problem when two technical experts were out of the office. A facilities contractor piped water into a server closet and damaged network equipment, taking out a major segment of the LTD network including RideSource and Customer Service Center communication. Pulling from knowledge outside of his regular duties, he was able to repair the equipment and quickly return LTD call centers to service.

Part of the LTD Family for: 5 Years

Passionate about: “I love family, outdoor activities, and woodworking”

Favorite thing about LTD: “My favorite part about working for LTD is the opportunity to implement new and emerging technology. I also get to work with some amazing people both in my department and all 
around LTD.”

Karin LeGendre October 2021 Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Karin!
October 2021 Employee of the Month

Karin - Bus Operator

Karin was nominated for skillfully deescalating a situation on board her bus. A rider observed the interaction and thought Karin handled it exceptionally well. She is a dedicated employee who cares about our customers and our community.

Part of the LTD Family for: 4 1/2 Years

Passionate about: “I love being in the outdoors with family and friends, gardening, and playing City League volleyball.”

Favorite thing about LTD: “The LTD family of workers and the diversity.”


Congratulations to Rick!
September 2021 Employee of the Month

Rick - Bus Operator

Rick was nominated for employee of the month twice this year for going above and beyond the call of duty as a bus operator. Rick had just sat down for lunch when he saw a person lying on the ground nearby and discovered the person was unresponsive. After dialing 911, he began administering CPR until EMTs arrived. He earns EOM honors this month for his heroic, quick thinking.

Part of the LTD Family for: 1 year

Passionate about: “I love books, movies, friends and family, and staying as free and serene as possible.”

Favorite thing about LTD: “Serving the community.”


Congratulations to Shawn!
August 2021 Employee of the Month

Shawn - Transit Operations Field Supervisor

Shawn was nominated for his exemplary customer service while assisting a passenger with a mobility device. When the customer’s chair lost power on the bus, Shawn drove the bus to the trailer park where she lives and pushed her power chair to her residence on the other side of the park. This was a genuine act of kindness and a true example of going above and beyond the call of duty to help a customer.

Part of the LTD Family for: 22 years

Passionate about: “Religion, family (both mine and my Transit family), and country. I am a patriot and a veteran. I love people, food and my animals. I have a dog named Henry, and two cats, Livey and Oliver.”

Favorite thing about LTD: “That’s easy, the people. Both my fellow employees and our customers. I hold both in high esteem and enjoy serving both. The diversity of people is my favorite part. I’ve learned so much about people since being here. It is an honor and a privilege to work here at LTD.”

July Employee of the Month Angie Vangsnes

Congratulations to Angie!
July 2021 Employee of the Month

Angie - Bus Operator

Angie was nominated for her exemplary customer service by a rider who is legally blind. After dropping off the rider for a quick stop, Angie waited for her to return and assisted her back onto the bus. The rider really appreciated the excellent customer service that Angie provided.

Part of the LTD Family for: 20 years

Passionate about: “My family has always come first. However, after an event from last year, I focus on family more than ever.”

Favorite thing about LTD: “I love my work family. My co-workers are great role models, and people who have supported me through tough times.”

June Employee of the Month Kari Baker

Congratulations to Kari!
June 2021 Employee of the Month

Kari - Intelligence Analyst/Administrative Specialist

Kari was nominated for her initiative in streamlining a recurring process for our operators. Her initiative and creative problem solving helped the operator bid process run smoothly, with the use of QR codes, smart phones, and computers. Her process improvement meant that operators had the opportunity to be prepared to bid on work in a more efficient way.

Part of the LTD Family for: 11 years

Passionate about: “I love volunteering with animals, my fish and bird, and reading.”

Favorite thing about LTD: “How all the employees work together to create an inviting and safe environment for everyone.”

John Ahlen May Employee of the Month 2021

Congratulations to John!
May 2021 Employee of the Month

John - Accessible Services Program Manager

John was nominated for all things Specialized Services. With turnover in the department, John stepped up to manage the current and backlog of work to support grant applications, staff training, contract management and much more behind the scenes. His dedication and communication along with his get-it-done attitude is commendable.

Part of the LTD Family for: 5 years

Passionate about: “I love cooking and eating, and right now I can’t get enough of the amazing salsa verde from Tortilleria El Metate.”

Favorite thing about LTD: “LTD’s audacious leadership to become first in the country with a fully accessible fleet. We remain committed to the spirit of that legacy when working with and for our disability community, and continually strive to do more.”

Rebecca Bailey April Employee of the Month 2021

Congratulations to Rebecca!
April 2021 Employee of the Month

Rebecca - Operations Supervisor

Rebecca was nominated for her versatility, flexibility, and professional response to navigating and leading this past year as the COVID Supervisor. Rebecca’s work ethic has always been impressive and this year has been no exception.

Part of the LTD Family for: 16 years

Passionate about: “Traveling and seeing the world.”

Favorite thing about LTD: “How we all work together to serve our community regardless of rain, sleet, or even COVID-19.”

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