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Employees of the Month

February 2024 Employee of the MonthCongratulations to Gary!
February 2024 Employee of the Month

Gary - Bus Operator and Instructor

Gary was nominated for his exemplary professionalism. While training a new operator, Gary noticed a passenger at a stop experiencing a potential medical emergency. Understanding the need to act quickly, Gary got off the bus to help. The passenger was eventually taken to a medical facility. Gary lives the values of compassion and attentiveness, both in training and in rendering aid. His dedication to safety is
truly commendable.helpful and complete in his answers to me. I truly appreciate his extra work during this time."

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2014

Passionate about: “I love my family, milling, and camping.”

Favorite thing about LTD: “I enjoy the people I work with and the flexible schedule.”

January 2024 Employee of the MonthCongratulations to Jeff!
January 2024 Employee of the Month

Jeff - Specialized and Accessible Services Coordinator

Jeff was nominated for being an LTD team player, Jeff helped train RideSource staff to use a complex Medicaid billing process. This will significantly reduce errors in the billing process, and streamline the financial system. Jeff's work on this and ERP has been embraced by RideSource leadership, and team members say it's been a helpful change. Ann Smith says, "Jeffrey has been so helpful and complete in his answers to me. I truly appreciate his extra work during this time."

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2021

Passionate about: “I'm a drummer and love music. My favorite band is Sick Puppies. I also love to hike, especially around Sweet Creek Falls. I grow tomatoes and jalapenos, great for making my favorite sandwich - a BLT. Most importantly, I adore my family - my wife LaToya, my daughters Aspen and Harper, my cat Zion, and my dog Bella.”

Favorite thing about LTD: "I appreciate the freedom and flexibility of the work, and the kindness and compassion of everyone I work with.”

December 2023 Employee of the MonthCongratulations to Thom!
December 2023 Employee of the Month

Thom - Bus Operator

Thom was nominated because he provides essential assistance to his fellow operators and all District riders. He's served as an LTD Ambassador on several different routes and works well with everyone, from kids and our honored guests to the area's unhoused population. Thom always takes the time to get to know the rider and their backstory. His innate patience and kindness makes Thom the perfect person to be representing on LTD on the system.

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2015

Passionate about: “I love camping, cooking, spending time with family, and solving day-to-day inconveniences with simple resolutions.”

Favorite thing about LTD: “AWESOME coworkers and the opportunity to get to work within our diverse community, from locals to out-of-town visitors.”

November 2023 Employee of the MonthCongratulations to Diana!
November 2023 Employee of the Month

Diana - Accounting Analyst

Diana was nominated for her contributions to LTD's ERP project, which will streamline and automate many functions of the District. And, Diana responded quickly and calmly to a medical emergency in the Finance department, working with peers and the 911 operator to create a safe space until emergency responders arrived.

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2022

Passionate about: “I love watching cooking shows, watching Duck basketball and football games, and exploring Oregon with my husband.”

Favorite thing about LTD: “I love the work that I do and my team is fantastic! I have been encouraged and challenged in the last year and look forward to continuing to learn more at LTD.”

October 2023 Employee of the MonthCongratulations to Amie!
October 2023 Employee of the Month

Amie - Bus Operator

Amie was nominated for consistently providing outstanding customer service. In her first year at LTD, she has received many compliments from riders. Amie’s exceptional customer service skills were evident during extreme heat and wildfire events this summer. Amie went above and beyond to make her riders comfortable and safe by providing cold water and masks when riders boarded her bus.

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2022

Passionate about: “I am passionate about my family, friends, and the community. Things that I enjoy outside of work include technology, video games, Star Trek, Formula 1, and just learning and growing in general. I always want to know more about our world, learn why things are the way they are, and hear people’s stories.”

Favorite thing about LTD: “The impact I get to have on people’s lives. Making connections within our community and serving people in this vital way is extremely important to me. I love the nearly endless ways in which I get to help and bring joy to people and working here enables this.”

September 2023 Employee of the MonthCongratulations to Amanda!
September 2023 Employee of the Month

Amanda- Transit Operations Supervisor

Amanda was nominated for her hard work, courtesy, respect, encouragement, and great attitude. She listens, cares, understands where others are coming from, and always greets people with a smile. Amanda’s coworkers respect her for maintaining this attitude while dutifully executing her job responsibilities, even through constant interruptions.

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2005

Passionate about: “Family is my number #1. I love spending time camping, golfing, and traveling/vacationing. I love traveling and seeing all the amazing places that this country has to share.”

Favorite thing about LTD: “I have been at LTD for almost 18 years. The friendships that have been made over my time here are amazing. I love working with all of the operators. Even in the worse moments, we pull together and make it work and still have fun. The laughter, jokes and fun make working here one of my biggest reasons why. I love our purpose in helping to connect our passengers and watching the joy in my children and their excitement about being part of Lane Transit, too.”

August 2023 Employee of the MonthCongratulations to Javier!
August 2023 Employee of the Month

Javier - Transit Operations Supervisor

Javier was nominated for quickly jumping into action to assist an LTD Public Safety Officer. Javier is always the first to jump in to help in emergency situations and a great problem solver. He keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes.

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2001

Passionate about: “I enjoy spending time with my family and friends camping. I also enjoy watching MMA fighting and soccer.”

Favorite thing about LTD: “I enjoy the work I do and appreciate all of the people I work with. They have helped me a lot throughout my career and I love that everyone treats me like family!”

July 2023 Employee of the MonthCongratulations to Matthew!
July 2023 Employee of the Month

Matthew - Bus Operator

Matthew was nominated for taking the time to carefully and compassionately guide a man with low vision to the correct bus. Matthew quickly built trust with the rider, who allowed Matthew to lead him to the bus that he needed to get to his destination.

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2007

Passionate about: “I’m passionate about family and fishing!”

Favorite thing about LTD: “I enjoy that my office moves, and I have a front-row seat for everything!”

June Employee of the Month QuentinCongratulations to Quentin!
June 2023 Employee of the Month

Quentin - Public Safety Officer

Quentin was nominated  for showing compassion and respect to an LTD rider. He helped a developmentally disabled rider make a phone call to his parents for assistance getting home. The rider was very grateful and called Quentin an “Awesome Life-Saver!”

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2021

Passionate about: “I’m passionate about family and helping people. I’m especially passionate when it comes to being a role model for our youth.”

Favorite thing about LTD: “My favorite thing would be the people, drivers and supervisors. I enjoy interacting with the community.”

May 2023 Employee of the MonthCongratulations to Cesar!
May 2023 Employee of the Month

Cesar- Bus Operator

Cesar was nominated because he is a longtime bus operator known for going above and beyond his job duties to help his community. He is calm in stressful situations and committed to exceptional customer service. Cesar safely and calmly navigated his riders away from a dangerous situation on a bus route. He was also complimented by a passenger when he waited for an older gentleman with a walker that was still over a block away from the bus stop. He then stepped off the bus and walked him to the bus.

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2007

Passionate about: "I enjoy gardening and spending time with friends and family."

Favorite thing about LTD: "The camaraderie among workers and meeting new people every day."

Photo of April Employee of the MonthCongratulations to Tracy!
April 2023 Employee of the Month

Tracy - Operations Transit Supervisor

Tracy was nominated for playing a pivotal role in helping to save someone’s life on March 1, 2023. He was notified by a passerby at Eugene Station that a person was having a medical emergency in front of the library. He arrived on scene and found an unresponsive female. Tracy immediately began CPR and continued until he was relieved by emergency responders. EMTs were able to get a weak pulse before transferring the person to the hospital. Thanks to Tracy’s quick response, this person was given a chance to survive.

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2005

Passionate about: "I enjoy spending time with family, road trips, sports and food."

Favorite thing about LTD: "That every day is different. I have the opportunity to engage in positive conversations with co-workers and customers."

March employee of the Month photoCongratulations to Allen!
March 2023 Employee of the Month

Allen - Shift Supervisor

Allen was nominated for always coming to work with a smile and helpful solutions. As a shift supervisor, Allen helps the operations and fleet departments get the right buses on the road to ensure that service is reliable and efficient.

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2006

Passionate about: “Making sure my son and two daughters have grown up with the ability and skills to become successful in life. Watching Formula 1 Racing and attending Heavy Metal and rock concerts.”

Favorite thing about LTD: “The team atmosphere between Operations and Fleet that helps accomplish our duties each day and keeps the fleet on the road and fulfills our service demands. The amazing people that I work with on a daily basis.”

02-2023_EOM_Rob_WebCongratulations to Rob!
February 2023 Employee of the Month

Rob - Supervisor/Instructor

Rob was nominated for treating two new LTD riders with kindness, patience, and empathy. During a fare check at Eugene Station, Rob met a couple who didn't have fare and were unfamiliar with LTD's system. Rob took the time to explain LTD's fares and how to purchase a bus pass. The couple was grateful for Rob's kindness and patience and plan to ride LTD more often.

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2019

Passionate about: "Spending time with my family, hiking, and long drives in the country."

Favorite thing about LTD: "Favorite Things about LTD: My favorite thing about LTD is that it feels like a big family where everyone tries to help and support each other to be successful, and truly cares about the community."

01-2023_EOM_Chris_WebCongratulations to Chris!
January 2023 Employee of the Month

Chris - Customer Service Supervisor

Chris was nominated for providing outstanding customer service. He communicates in a clear, precise way and goes above and beyond to help customers. He helps customers solve their problems and explains how they can avoid those situations in the future.

Part of the LTD Family Since: 2017

Passionate about: "Exploring this beautiful state with my wife and our dog. When not travelling, I can be found enjoying a good meal or putting on my headphones and listening to some vinyl records."

Favorite thing about LTD: "Working alongside genuinely passionate people, and being able to make a difference in my own community. Our riders are second to none, and it’s a privilege to be able to serve them."

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