LTD passengers should check the weather forecast and bus schedules, as inclement weather is expected to impact the area over the next few days. Los pasajeros de LTD deben consultar el pronóstico del tiempo y los horarios de los autobuses, ya que se espera que las inclemencias del tiempo afecten el área durante las próximos días. Learn More
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EmX Bus Rider Tips

Riding EmX is slightly different from LTD’s regular bus service. Use the following tips to guide your ride.

Advanced Fare Collection

Fares for EmX are the same as regular bus service, but must be purchased in advance of riding. Each EmX station has a ticket vending machine to purchase fare. Credit/debit cards or cash are accepted, but the ticket machine cannot give change. Valid LTD fare is accepted on EmX, and EmX day passes are accepted on regular service. Purchase your ticket well in advance of the EmX arriving; this process may take a few moments, so plan accordingly.

On Board Bike Parking

EmX can hold up to three bikes inside. Bicycles and similar devices powered by fuel other than a battery, are not permitted. Battery compartments must be sealed. Devices must weigh under 55 pounds.

When riding EmX with your bike, enter through the back door, place your bike in the rack and secure it using the fastening straps. Pay attention as others board with bikes as you may need them to move their bike so that you can remove yours.


Board with all your possessions at the same time; don’t leave something on the platform as the doors can close without warning.

Need a Ramp?

If you need a ramp to bridge the distance between the platform and the bus, notify the operator.


Children in strollers are welcome on EmX. Be sure the stroller does not block the aisle. If the aisle is blocked, you may be asked to fold and stow your stroller.

On-Bus Announcements

An announcement will keep you informed as you approach each station, including which side of the vehicle to exit.

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