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Jump Into the Pool!

What is a pool?

Whether you carpool or vanpool, we think sharing the ride is very smart and really cool! The pool concept is pretty simple, and you may be surprised to discover that anytime you share a ride with another person you are “pooling.”

Why pool?

Whether you carpool or vanpool to work, you will instantly save at least 50% on your commute. But your pocket book isn’t the only reason to pool. Check out these other cool benefits of sharing the ride:

  • relax and enjoy the ride when it's your turn to be the passenger
  • improve our community by alleviating traffic congestion
  • reduce air pollution emissions
  • save on parking costs in addition to gas
  • protect your car and its value by reducing wear and tear
  • enjoy meeting new and interesting people
  • inspire others through your example

How to pool?

Pooling has never been easier. To learn more about establishing or joining a carpool or vanpool, just click here on one of these links.