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Procurement Methods

Informal Quotes (IRFQ) – goods and/or services under the current expenditure authority for small purchases.  These may be awarded using either competitive negotiation, or low-bid methods.

Requests for Qualifications or Requests for Statements of Qualification (RFQ or RFSOQ) – used in complying with Brooks Act requirements for architectural/engineering services (leading to construction).

Requests for Proposals (RFP) – goods and/or services for which clear specifications are not readily available and for which qualifications, in addition to price, will factor into the scoring and selection process.  RFP’s are considered competitive negotiations.  Proposals are not publicly opened and results are revealed after the process is finalized.

Invitations for Bid (IFB) – goods and/or services for which the District intends to award a contract or contracts to the lowest priced responsive and responsible bidder.  Bids are opened publicly.

NOTE:  LTD maintains the right to terminate any procurement without award, reject any or all responses received, and waive irregularity in any quote, bid, or proposal.

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