X FACE MASK REQUIRED on all LTD buses and facilities including bus stops and stations. Exceptions are children under the age of two and those with a disability. If you are unable to wear a mask due to a disability, contact LTD Customer Service to request a reasonable modification. Learn More
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Your Responsibility as an Offeror

Prior to submitting any offer to LTD in response to a solicitation, offerors must carefully read all specifications, scopes of work, and be aware of the stated terms, conditions, and obligations within the solicitation.  All of these documents are considered part of the final contract(s) to be awarded and the successful offeror(s) will be expected to comply.  Each solicitation is unique, and each one should be carefully reviewed on its own merit.

Responses should be complete and concise, following all directions included in the solicitation documents.  If forms and/or certifications are included, they must be completed and provided as part of the response.  Offers must be delivered in the method described by the solicitation, prior to the due date and time specified.  LTD cannot consider late offers, and any responses received after the due date and time will be returned unopened, except to the extent necessary to identify the sender.


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