Sole Source Advertisements

LTD may, without following the Competitive Procurement requirements and without competition, award contracts for goods or services if the General Manager and the Procurement Manager have determined, in writing, that the goods or services are only available from one source, subject to the limits of their delegated authority.

Each sole source procurement is carefully vetted and must be presented to the Board of Directors for approval.  Once LTD has gained permission from the Board to proceed, we must advertise the sole source procurement for a minimum of seven days.  This allows any vendor or community member the opportunity to enter a protest with the Procurement Department if they feel the procurement should not be considered a sole source.  Each procurement will include the Procurement Department point of contact, in the event of a protest.  

LTD shall concurrently advertise the sole source procurement on our e-bid website at  https://ltd.procureware.com.  

Please see ORS137-047-0275 for more information or reach out to the Procurement Department at procurement@ltd.org.  

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