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Qualifications, Duties and Process for Appointment

If you have questions about LTD Board meeting logistics, please contact Clerk of the Board at 541-687-5555.

Qualifications, duties, and process for those seeking appointment to the Lane Transit District Board of Directors

Lane Transit District’s (LTD) Board of Directors consists of seven members who are residents of seven specific subdistricts served by Lane Transit District.  Each member of the Board has been appointed by the governor of Oregon and confirmed by the Oregon State Senate.  A Director’s term is four years and, generally, members may be reappointed for a second four-year term.

Board members serve without pay, except that they are reimbursed for expenses incurred in connection with service as a Board member.

LTD’s Board of Directors acts on all policy matters necessary to the safe and efficient delivery of public transportation service to the LTD service area.


The LTD Board meets monthly on the third Wednesday of the month, beginning at 5:30 p.m.  Meetings are usually held at the District’s Administration facility at 3500 East 17th Avenue  Eugene, in the Glenwood area.  The Board also holds periodic work sessions on the second Monday evening and an annual two-day strategic planning session.  In addition, members serve on subcommittees of the Board, represent the District on intergovernmental committees, such as the Metropolitan Policy Committee, and testify before boards or commissions on transportation-related issues.

Agenda materials and information are provided to the Board in advance of each meeting.

Board members also serve as half of the District’s Budget Committee.  Each Board member appoints a lay member to this committee, which meets in the spring to adopt an annual budget.

A Special Opportunity to Serve

When asked about the importance of public services, former LTD board member and former Springfield City Councilor Tammy Fitch, observed,

"Often, when citizens consider services provided by public entities, they may question the cost, value, and need. These are good questions to ask. Public transit not only allows for an alternative means of transportation for individuals to travel to work or school, but also gives mobility to our community’s elderly, disadvantaged, and disabled population. As Lane County embraces quality growth, a good transit system is essential."

While many residents assume LTD is a city or county department, the truth is, it is "special." That’s right; LTD is a Special Purpose District, created and overseen by the State of Oregon. Much like a school district, LTD has a specific purpose, defined boundaries, taxing authority, and a board of directors.

Appointment process

To be considered for appointment to the LTD Board, applicants must submit an Executive Appointments Interest Form.  This can be found on the Web by following this link.  The governor’s Office of Executive Appointments will forward the Governor’s recommendation to the state Senate for consideration.  An applicant may be required to appear before a subcommittee of the Senate before being considered by the full Senate.  

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