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Board External Committee Participation

Vision Zero Task Force

In November of 2015, the Eugene City Council adopted a Vision Zero Resolution that set as official policy the vision zero goal that no loss of life or serious injury on Eugene's transportation system is acceptable. Further information regarding the Vision Zero Task Force can be found on their website here.

Metropolitan Planning Committee (MPC) 

The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Policy Board function is carried out at the Metropolitan Planning Committee (MPC). MPC serves as the MPO Policy Board under delegation from the Lane Council of Governments (LCOG) Board of Directors. Further information regarding MPC can be found on their website here.

Oregon Metropolitan Planning Organization Consortium (OMPOC) 

The Oregon MPO Consortium is a forum for Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) whose purpose includes addressing Oregon’s growing transportation needs within metropolitan areas, the role of the State of Oregon in transportation investments, and other related transportation needs and issues within the state. Further information regarding OMPOC can be found on their website here.

Lane Council of Governments Board of Directors (LCOG) 

The Lane Council of Governments is an organization designed to provide an environment for local governments to work together as needed for the purpose of addressing a variety of local needs, including transportation. The governing body of LCOG is its Board of Directors, which is comprised of local elected and appointed officials that represent a variety of member agencies. Further information regarding LCOG can be found on their website here.

Lane Area Commission on Transportation (LaneACT) 

Lane Area Commission on Transportation (LaneACT) is an advisory body established to provide a forum for stakeholders to collaborate on transportation issues affecting the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Region 2, Area 5 (“Area”), and to strengthen state/local partnerships in transportation. Further information regarding LaneACT can be found on their website here

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