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Board Community Advisory Committees

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Budget Committee

The Committee meets on an as-needed basis but generally convenes in the first and fourth quarters of each fiscal year in time to provide advice to the Board of Directors prior to the adoption of an annual budget. The Committee is composed of all seven Board members and seven citizen members. Each LTD Board member selects one citizen member to fill a term of three years. Meetings are open to the public and include a forum for public comments.

Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)

The Strategic Planning Committee is composed of a core group of representatives from the LTD Board of Directors, and key LTD partners, including the Eugene City Council, Springfield City Council, Lane County Board of Commissioners, and Oregon Department of Transportation. The Committee also includes a diverse set of representatives from within the community.
The Strategic Planning Committee provides the LTD Board of Directors with independent advice on strategic planning issues related to advancing the goals of the Long-Range Transit Plan, including but not limited to developing the Frequent Transit Network, making better connections, reducing trip and waiting times, bridging the first and last mile, creating safer ways to access service, and optimizing solutions for urban and rural areas. In December 2022, via LTD Resolution number 2022-12-14-073, the SPC’s purpose was expanded to encompass the work of the former LTD community advisory committee referred to as the “Comprehensive and Accessible Transportation Committee.”  As such, the SPC’s purpose further includes the deliberate consideration, when making decisions for advice or recommendations to the LTD Board of Directors, of the impacts of potential, proposed, or actual service changes on individuals who are transit dependent, especially those who are older adults or people with disabilities.

The Strategic Planning Committee meets bi-monthly at 5:30 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Meetings are open to the public and include a forum for public comments.

State Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF) Advisory Committee

Oregon House Bill 2017 Keep Oregon Moving (HB2017) established a new dedicated source of funding for expanding public transportation services in Oregon. Keep Oregon Moving includes a new 0.1% employee payroll tax to fund public transportation. This tax is effective July 1, 2018, and provides a dedicated source of funding for expanding public transportation service in Oregon that benefits a high percentage of low-income households. This new funding source is called the Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF). Lane Transit District (LTD) is the Qualified Entity of the funds allocated to Lane County.
STIF may be used for public transportation purposes that support the effective planning, deployment, operation, and administration of public transportation programs, including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Creation of new systems and services with origins, destinations, or stops in Oregon;
  • Maintenance or continuation of systems and services in certain circumstances; and
  • Planning for and development of a Local Plan or future STIF Plan to improve public transportation service.
The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) estimates that Lane County will receive $13,410,000 in STIF funds in FY19-FY21; $12,721,000 is anticipated to be used within the LTD boundary, while $689,000 is anticipated to be used in areas outside the LTD district. Allocation is based on where the employee tax was generated.
The LTD Board of Directors has appointed an Advisory Committee to review potential STIF-funded projects and create a prioritized list of projects for the county. The Advisory Committee will meet at least two times per year.
The Lane Council of Governments (LCOG) will be overseeing and administering the STIF Advisory Committee. Please see their website here for more information.

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