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Budget Committee Roster

The Budget Committee shall consist of fourteen (14) members as follows: seven (7) Board members and seven (7) appointed members who live within the LTD service area. All members of the Committee have equal authority.

Each Board member may appoint one (1) member to the Committee so long as the member resides within LTD’s service area, regardless of whether the member resides within that Board member’s sub-district.

Board members shall serve on the Budget Committee throughout the duration of their Board appointment. Appointed Committee members shall serve for three years, staggered terms, with the member’s term beginning July 1 of the respective year. Appointed Committee members may be reappointed for additional terms, at the discretion of the LTD Board of Directors.

Subdistrict Nominating Board Member Term Expiration Budget Committee Member Term Expiration
1 Gino Grimaldi 12/31/25 Steven Wheeler 12/31/2025
2 Michelle Webber 12/31/24 *Carl Yeh 12/31/22
3 Don Nordin 12/31/22 Jess Tuerk Roshak 12/31/23
4 Vacant Vacant
5 Pete Knox 12/31/25 Gary Wildish 12/31/24
6 Caitlin Vargas 12/31/22 Jason Williams 12/31/2025
7 Susan Cox 12/31/24 Brandon Rogers 12/31/23
*Chair ‐ Expires 12/31/22
** Vice-Chair ‐ Expires 12/31/21

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