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making it easier to find safe, affordable, and planet-friendly ways to get from point 2 point

Join a SchoolPool

Share the Walk, Bike or Carpool Duties

How are your children getting to school this year? Our Point2point program can help you figure it out! SchoolPool is a program that helps you discover safe, fun and planet-friendly ways to coordinate daily school trips with other families.

Here's how to search for families that want to share their walk, bike or car to school:

  1. Contact Point2point at 541-682-6112 or your child's school to get your SchoolPool passcode
  2. Visit DriveLessConnect.com and register for an account
  3. Go to Profile and select "My Networks"
  4. Click Join Network
  5. Search for your child's school and hit select
  6. Enter the enrollment passcode and click submit
  7. Enter your commute to find other families who want to walk, bike and carpool to school

If you need any help, please contact:
Gilly Garber-Yonts